One for Ireland
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Charity Partners

One for Ireland happens because Ireland comes together as One to make a difference for young people.

This year we are proud to be working with the following retailers, media organisations, businesses and charities.


Exchange House

Exchange House (Dublin/Travelling Community)

We will create a centre for mental health for the travelling community. Exchange House is the national service for member of the Travelling Community. As well as education and training, children’s and family support and help with addiction they provide dedicated mental health service. If you give €1 for Ireland, we will make it possible to build facility for mental health based workshops and events which can help to build mental health awareness and skills in the travelling community.

Learn more about Exchange House at


ISPCC (West/National)

We will make sure Childline is there for children 24 hours a day.In partnership with the ISPCC we will fund training for Childline volunteers who listen to and support children on their phone, text and online services. Childline answers over 400,000 contacts from children every year. It costs €4,000 to recruit, train, support and supervise a volunteer for two years. Your contribution will help make it possible for Chlildline volunteers to listen to children.

Youthwork Ireland

Youthwork Ireland (South East- Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford)

We will empower children to look after their own mental health.We will fund evidence based resilience training for children through youth clubs through the FRIENDS programme which specifically tackles resilience building and anxiety and is the only anti-anxiety programme to be recognised by the World Health Organisation. With your help this will reach up to 300 children across the Southeast of Ireland for the first time ever.

There’s more! The programme is sustainable. Your help means that 30 staff will be trained across 15 youth services to deliver the programmes again and again so more young people can learn these skills every year from just one investment. To find out more about Youthwork Ireland and their website


MyMind (South West/Cork)

We will remove barriers to accessing support.
With your help 160 children in foster care in the Cork City area will have access to 6 free counselling services each. We will remove financial and waiting list barriers so young people can get the services they need today.

To find out more about MyMind and the services they offer visit


Jigsaw (Northwest (Donegal) Midlands (centre at Offaly, Roscommon))

We will connect communities to services.We will support an outreach programme which engages young people in their own mental health, connects them to services and builds community engagement on mental health.

With Jigsaw we will work so that their service reaches over 1000 people directly in these areas.


Aware (East- Cavan, Monaghan, Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Meath)

We will teach mental health skills for life.
We will support the Life Skills programme for secondary school students, a six week course on mental health skills that is proven to build resilience. Your help can make this programme reach over 300 children in 25 schools.


Samaritans (Mid-West, Limerick Clare)

We will be there at the hardest times.
We will fund a 24 hour listening service directed specifically high-risk groups in an area with one of the highest suicide rates in the country. With your help young people, students and targets asylum seekers will have a dedicated Samaritans service to call at tough times when they need someone to listen.

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Retail Partners

A huge thank you to our partners supporting the campaign!

Paypal are providing One for Ireland with free transfers to help us maintain our 100% donation model and are also donating to the campaign to help youth mental health.

The Lions Clubs of Ireland are an integral part of the campaign. Lions Club members across the country will be linking in with stores and businesses in their local area to connect them to One for Ireland.

Stripe are providing One for Ireland with free transfers to help us make sure 100% of every euro donated goes to helping young people’s mental health.

PML group are generously sponsoring outdoor advertising space for One for Ireland so that people know about the campaign.

Spreadshirt are providing free t-shirts for the One for Ireland campaign team.

Twitter are helping us get the word out by offering advertising space for One for Ireland.