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Have your gas boiler serviced for a cheap price starting from €70. We will make sure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and quote today.

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Why Should you have your gas boiler serviced?

Servicing your gas boiler once a year is necessary to ensure it runs safely and efficiently. If you don’t service your’s in time, you run the risk of damaging the boiler fan and valves because of blockages.

Gas boiler servicing should only be done by certified gas installers. We are currently registered with RGI which allows us to carry out necessary services safely and legally in Dublin.

When you get your boiler serviced, you will notice a huge saving on your energy bills. As old unmaintained gas boilers tend to loose efficiency and become unsafe too use in your home from high CO2 emissions.

We have been servicing many boilers in Dublin and are sure we can help you out. Drop us a message or call us for a free quote today.

What makes us one of the most reliable
Gas Boiler Servicing Company in Dublin?

We take special care to look out for safety when carrying out any repairs or servicing. All our plumbing technicians are fully certified with RGII and have years of experience doing the job. Our service is cheap and affordable compared to other boiler service companies in Dublin. With keeping our prices low, we make sure to never compromise this with quality of work.

Nobody wants to be stuck with no hot water or without heaters, So OneForIreland also offers 24/7 emergency gas boiler servicing to make sure you won’t be cold. We will provide a full report of any defects we find in your heating system. Also a checklist will be provided to you of all the checks that were carried out. If your’s has any major defects, then we would recommend to get a boiler replacement.

Our Gas Boiler Servicing Checklist

Inspect Correct ventilation is present

Inspect Gas boiler for any Visual damages

Perform a CO2 test to ensure boiler is running safely

Inspect and charge expansion vessel

Inspect the boiler system pressure is correct

Inspect any possible gas pipe leaks and cracks

Check functionality of boiler thermostat

Adjust main burner is necessary

Inspect Heat exchanger functionality

Inspect main Boiler

Inspect any possible blockages in the heating system

Inspect flue spillage

Inspect functionality of flame sensing controller

Inspect functionality of flame sensing controller

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seai boiler replacement
rgi gas installer certificate
ideal boiler certificate
worchester accredited
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Whats included during our gas boiler service

We repair and service all kinds of boilers on the Irish market. A service is necessary to have a safely running boiler in your home.

When you purchase a boiler service from us, we will repair burst pipes, blocked pipes, combustion blockages, main burner failure and many more. We carry spare parts for all makes of gas boilers at all times. Make sure to get in touch for a free quote today.

To save energy
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