Drain Unblocking Dublin

Blocked drains can be a pain, especially if they happen inside your home. There is nothing worse than having a toilet that won’t flush or a shower that is blocked. With our drain unblocking service, we can ensure you that you won’t have to live like that for long. Once you call us, our expert drain doctor will come and unblock any drain outside and inside your home. We also offer drain cleaning if yours is blocked up with grease and dirt. 

24-hour emergency drain cleaning & unblocking

If you have any blocked drain cleaning emergency in Dublin, our staff are always available day and night. We don’t charge anything for call-out fees so the price will be the same during day and night times. We are also available for commercial drain unblocking services, like hotels and gyms. 

Our Team

We have a professional team of plumbers at OneForIreland which have many years of experience in Unblocking badly clogged drains in Dublin. Our team is fully insured and certified as professional plumbers which can handle any jobs you require. Drain unblocking Dublin is one of the jobs that our plumbers do. We have special equipment to clear out your drain quickly and mess free. Contact us today for a free quote.

drain unblocking service

Types of drains we unblock​

We unblock any types of drains that you can think of. Toilets, showers and any outside ones that you can find. Our plumbers can even find any hidden ones that you might not know about. After unblocking your drain, we will clean up any mess that could happen, but usually this is not a problem as our equipment is high tech and does not leave a mess.

Drain Cleaning Services

We don’t just unblock drains at OneForIreland, we also clean them. Drain Cleaning is an important thing to do if you wan’t to avoid having a plumbing emergency in your home. A dirty pipe can easily get clogged up with grease and dirt. Our high pressure washer machines can clear out any tough and greasy blockages that can build up over time. Cleaning will also eliminate any bacteria that has built up in the sewers over the past years. Most plumbing emergencies are caused because of the lack maintenance done to your drains over the past years. 

Drain Repairs

Sometimes a drain pipe can crack, especially in the winter when the temperature drops below 0 degrees. When yours cracks, you might have foul smells coming from your garden or even inside your home. We provide full drainage system repairs in Dublin. Our Pluming technicians can handle any type of drainage system and any kind of leak.

CCTV Survey

All of our plumbers carry a special equipment that can look inside your drains and tell you the health of the full drainage system. When we do any cleaning work for you, you will get a video report back to you with the health status of your drains and if any blockages are present. 

Our Quotations and pricing

When you decide to call a plumber out to your house, you will not be charged anything for the call out. You will only be charged on the plumbers time spent by hours and any materials that had to be used to fix your drains.

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